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TrinnoQ Ltd
 is Cocoon's Marketing Partner for the European, African, Australian and Asian gifts, promotions and automotive
channelsTrinnoQ also designs (industrial) applications for the GRID-IT! on your requirements. Cocoon Innovations LLC (New York) is the inventor and manufacturer of the GRID-IT!™. TrinnoQ offers you wholesale prices. TrinnoQ has offices in the Netherlands and Hong Kong. We can customize almost everything for your clients:

The innovative GRID-IT!™ Organizer is available in several sizes and colours and fits in all kinds and sizes of cases for small to big laptops, iPad™, tablets and more. There is even a GRID-IT!™ Sun Visor Organizer! Furthermore Cocoon is inventor and manufacturer of "Not Just Another Pretty Bag": intelligent, functional design is at the heart of each and every Cocoon bag and case.

For further information on GRID-IT!™ or other Cocoon products, please contact:
trinnoq@trinnoq.com or call our sales hotline: +31 6 40 20 38 38. 

TrinnoQ International

Director: Marc Buijssen M.Sc.

Postbox 806, 5280 AV, Boxtel, The Netherlands

Chambre of commerce ‘s-Hertogenbosch: 17203864

Bank nr: 1585.40.662                       

IBAN/SEPA nr: NL31RABO0158540662


Account holder: TrinnoQ Europe

VAT-nummer (MwSt-id):  NL1417.91.299.B01


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